Fullscreen Flash Player on Debian lenny

Problem: Flash plugin crashes in Firefox on 64 bit Debian lenny whenever entering fullscreen mode. The console displays an error message like "libflashplayer.so: undefined symbol: gtk_widget_get_window". Both Firefox and Flash plugin were installed manually rather than from a Debian package on the affected system.

Solution: This problem occurs due to an outdated version of 32 bit libgtk2 in Debian lenny (ia32-libs-gtk), which doesn't have the required symbol. As a remedy, you should install 64 bit versions of libgtk2, Firefox and Flash player from Debian packages. However, these packages are not found in lenny repository, so you first need to add the backports repository to your apt (important: also add contrib behind main in the repository definition!) After that, just go ahead with

apt-get -t lenny-backports install flashplugin-nonfree iceweasel libgtk2.0-0

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pianist for hire said...

Thanks for the post - I am using Debian Lenny on amd64. The flash plugin crashes when I go full screen whatever browser I am using.

In google-chrome the plugin crashes with the error "libflashplayer.so: undefined symbol: gtk_widget_get_window" and in iceweasel, the browser crashes too, with 'segmentation fault'.

I am in no way a linux guru - I added the line:

deb http://backports.debian.org/debian-backports squeeze-backports contrib main

...to my sources.list and did apt-get update.

I then typed in:

apt-get -t lenny-backports install flashplugin-nonfree iceweasel libgtk2.0-0

...but it said:

E: Package flashplugin-nonfree has no installation candidate

...and the problem is not solved..

Any more advice would be really appreciated: (**it works fine in winXP but please save me from that evil!!!**)

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