About This Blog

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my "blog", associated with my professional web site. It is unlikely to become anything resembling a traditional "web-based diary". Rather, I created it as a simple venue for promoting my services by helping other people solve their technical problems and giving away some free advice.

If you are like me, you rely heavily on search engines to find solutions to technical issues and for general troubleshooting inspiration, before attempting a deeper (and more time-intensive) analysis "from first principles". When troubleshooting software, a well-targeted keyword-based search yields fair results most of the time, given a troubleshooter with sufficient expertise. The other times, we learn something new. In a broad sense, we perform successful "applied research", although due to the narrow scope of our problems, there is no room for its results in scientific journals or conference proceedings. Nonetheless, these results carry significant external value measured in time and effort saved by someone else because of their availability. For the troubleshooter himself, writing up a case together with its solution helps gain finer insight into a particular system and commit those heuristics that worked well to memory. Last but not least, it becomes an exercise in successful communication. Making it available to everyone else is then just a matter of courtesy, which in this Internet age may be paid back in the same manner thousandfold.

I hope that you found here what you were looking for. If not, it only takes a few clicks and an email to find out whether I could assist you.

Best regards, Jan Ploski, plosquare.com